Antique Fireplaces

Academy Fireplaces specialise in the extraction, restoration and fitting of antique fireplaces throughout the greater Dublin and Leinster area.

We buy these period pieces from our customers and then get to work on restoring them with the skill set that can only come from nearly 30 years of experience in fireplace restoration. We’ll replace or repair damaged hearths, replace fireback’s, tile frets whilst restore the fireplace with care and precision.

Academy Fireplaces stock a wide range of fully restored antique fireplaces for sale at our showrooms on Parnell St. in Dublin.

Our range of Antique fireplaces span the latter few centuries with Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian designs all available in our product range. Academy Fireplaces are passionate about the conservation and vitality of these genuine artefacts and endeavour to maintain this heritage.

The positive contrast of an Antique Fireplace in a contemporary home is undeniable. It creates an elegant environment for entertaining and is as much an investment for your home as it is about filling a room.

Academy Fireplaces relies on its customers to source antique fireplaces for restoration and re sale. If you’re thinking about updating your fireplace or you are looking to restore an antique fireplace in your home.